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We are the €œfirst mover€ in the sector to travel this forward thinking path. We have been positively surprised by the dynamic nature of the integration process and the close co-operation at all levels. From a position of strength, we have succeeded in creating a stable platform through increasing our competitiveness and efficiency. We are now in an excellent position to reach our growth objectives and generate value for all our stakeholders. We are becoming a first-choice company not only for our clients but also for our top-flight employees.

SSAC aims to be the leading company in professional services€“ permanently. It might be fair to assume that especially in an industry that revolves around people and their skills, quality is much more important than quantity. The reality, though, is that quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive. In many respects, size is a prerequisite for high standards of quality. For this reason we have defined €œleading€ in terms of both the size of the firm and quality of the services it provides.

Generally in our country there is no specific gradation procedure to evaluate the position of Chartered Accountancy firms. But Bangladesh Bank (i.e. Central Bank) enlists Chartered Accountancy firms according to their parameters. Our firm has been awarded 1st position in its latest ranking published on 19/03/2017 based on our strength. The list can be found at the following link.


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